Sep. 20, 2018

Loukyam Full Movie With English Subtitles Online Download

Loukyam Full Movie With English Subtitles Online Download >>> DOWNLOAD

Venky tries to right his wrongs by involving his family and also convince the girls side without getting messed up in between.

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original title: Loukyam

genge: Action,Romance

imdb: 5.6

duration: 2h 30min







































Venky tries to right his wrongs by involving his family and also convince the girls side without getting messed up in between. Venkateswarulu(Gopichand) a wayward guy helps his friend to elope with his lover from her brother Babji(Sampath) who is a dangerous don in Warangal. Knowing this his father Puppy(Chandramohan) drives him away from house. Venky started staying with his friend(Satyam Rajesh). One day he falls in love with Chandrakala (Rakul Preet Singh). But he gets to know that she is sister of Babji. How Venky will win his love forms the crux of the story Story - Old wine in new bottle..

Performances - Gopichand is so desperate for scoring a hit, and one can easily sense it. He went to an extent, where he graciously allowed side characters to have major pie. He is the hero, for namesake. Within his limits, he did well. So does Rakul Preeth. Chandramohan gets a nice role and he did perfectly well. Brahmanandam entertains, despite some routine comedy written for him. However, the show stealer is Boiling star Babloo a.k.a 30 years Prudhvi. He has got a meaty role and he excels in it. Hamsa Nndini plays an extended cameo.

Music - Music by Anup Rubense is okay though not as good as "Manam".

Other Technical Departments - Story is routine. Screenplay is even more clichéd. Dalogues are fine.

Direction - Seems like, Sreevas (the director) had only one thing in his mind - that is to entertain people. He is partly successful in doing so. Comedy clicks in most of the scenes while, goes completely in a predictable pattern in the rest. Direction is thus just okay.

Final piece - Watch it without having any expectations, you'll be entertained. And for quality movie lovers, give a skip as this is an extremely routine movie with some very clichéd scenes and offers nothing new. If you are expecting a brilliant performance from Gopichand, you will be sorely disappointed. A versatile and brilliant actor, he seems to have chosen yet another movie that was the same as his previous ventures. The screenplay gives him no room to showcase his talent. His screen time was shared with Prudhviraj as Boiling Star Bablu who arguably stole the show. His comic scenes were wonderful. Brahmanandam was funny as usual although we have heard these dialogues over and over again.

Mukesh Rishi, Sampath Raj, Rahul Dev had to share screen time as playing characters with negative shades. All three did not have time for their characters to develop and their talents were wasted.

Rakul Preet Singh as the heroine was alright. Her character was interesting until she, too, got forced into a typical heroine character.

All the other supporting characters: Hamsa Nandini, Chandra Mohan, Pragathi, etc were good.

The storyline was filled with old ideas, dialogues that we have seen five years ago. However, there were a few surprises that helped the movie move along.

On a positive note, Sriwass, the director, tried to give all the actors almost equal screen time, which also ended up being his downfall because the characters were not developed fully.

Overall - This is movie is good to pass the time.


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